25 Homemade Slimming Recipes to Lose Weight Naturally

Do you want to lose weight smoothly by chasing away the extra pounds naturally? In addition to reviewing your eating habits with careful dietary rebalancing and inviting physical activity into your daily routine, there is a whole range of tips from grandmother to lose weight quickly and sustainably. It will be an ideal replacement for harmful capsules and food supplements, and too expensive detox cures. And what’s more, it couldn’t be simpler and more natural!

1) Tips to Lose Weight the Grandma Way, It Starts with Good Habits Daily.

First of all, set up fixed meal schedules and follow them! Having a well-defined rhythm helps promote digestion and weight loss while limiting snacking between meals. And to keep a flat stomach, avoid eating too late. Also, chewing well is a small habit to take, which is very important in the face of hunger. It allows you to feel full and enjoy your food. Ideally, a good meal should last no less than 20 minutes. And beware of television, which prevents eating with full consciousness and therefore eating less!

2) Drink Lemon Water to Slim Down

Lemon water is not a slimming drink per se. However, it helps to detoxify the body. Also, it helps to burn fat and has an excellent appetite suppressant action. To benefit from it, dilute the juice of 1/2 lemon in a glass of warm water. To consume in the morning on an empty stomach or during the day!

3) Papaya to Lose Weight as Quickly as Possible

Grandma had already told you about it: fat burning fruits are excellent to help you lose weight. In this category, the papaya is an exotic fruit that is a bit sulky yet has a lot to offer. This fruit with draining, depurative and anti-inflammatory properties contains papain, an enzyme that promotes fat elimination and good digestion.

4) Feel Like a Snack? Here’s to Your Apples!

Rich in fiber, pectins, and quercetin (a powerful antioxidant), apples are the perfect appetite suppressant to put an end to all those cravings. It’s chewing also promotes a feeling of satiety. Next time you feel like a snack, eat apples!

5) Pepper, Pepper, and More Pepper

Pepper has many virtues and uses. We already know that it allows to have good digestion, and it helps to limit digestive disorders. Nevertheless, it also helps to promote the combustion of fats present in the body. So, do not hesitate to sprinkle some in your dishes!

6) Discover the Yerba Mate Infusion!

This plant, rich in caffeine originating from Latin America, is well known to Brazilians, Argentinians, and Paraguayans. It is a drink that replaces coffee thanks to its stimulating effects on the body without having all the small undesirable side effects (nervousness and sleep disorders in mind). But above all, these effects are such that they also make it possible to attack stored fats while supporting the feeling of satiety. To prepare this infusion, count 1 to 2 g of dried leaves to infuse 15 minutes in boiling water.

7) Make the Beautiful Part with Organic Cider Vinegar

Cider vinegar has draining and digestive properties. It can therefore be used more often in recipes, especially in salads. Nevertheless, grandmother’s tricks to lose weight consists most often in drinking it! Our grandmothers have shared this recipe for several generations, which is undoubtedly not very desirable, but it is beneficial. To make this drink, mix 100 ml of lukewarm water and one teaspoon of cider vinegar. Then, for the taste, incorporate one spoonful of honey and a few drops of orange juice pressed by you. Drink this slimming drink before or during the meal to gently refine yourself.

8) Eat Soup for Dinner

A little cliché, the image of granny’s cabbage soup in the evening? Yet you have a lot to gain by swapping your evening dish from time to time for a little soup with seasonal vegetables. Indeed, it allows you to satiate thanks to the fiber content of the vegetables. And in addition to helping us eat more vegetables, it is also low-calorie (low in calories) and provides essential vitamins and minerals to keep us going during our diet.

9) Drink an Infusion of Thyme

You thought she was only good for soothing sore throats? However, thyme infusion is also a 100% natural detox drink! It has purifying, diuretic, and draining virtues to detoxify the body and eliminate all small stored fats.

10) Try Draining Plants

Draining herbal teas are a must, not so much to lose those extra pounds, but more to fight the water retention that makes you swell. To eliminate excess water, nettle tea is one of the best-known decoctions. Its depurative and diuretic properties are indeed potent for a fast and effective detox effect. Less known, the Pilosella is very draining and a diuretic to deflate quickly. It is to be taken as a cure for 9 to 18 days maximum in herbal tea or dry extract capsules.

11) Tooth Brushing, a Weapon to Lose Weight

In her tips for snacking less, grandmother had already presented you with this tip that is also useful for losing weight. Indeed, brushing your teeth is an essential hygiene gesture that has another utility. It allows you to expel residues and taste food in the mouth, which has a delicious effect. The taste of mint calms the desire to eat and thus makes it possible to limit nibbling! So remember always to have some in the bag (for example, a brush and toothpaste travel size), so you can brush your teeth when you’re not at home. Otherwise, drink a mint infusion that will have the same appetite suppressant effect.

12) Eat Oatmeal Instead of Cereal.

Oats and especially oatmeal are very popular if you are on a diet! Oats are a great source of soluble fiber. This cereal is therefore useful for its digestive properties, and it has a powerful satiating effect to help you get through between meals. All this while meeting your nutritional needs!

13) Drink a Delicious Cinnamon Herbal Tea

This spice reminiscent of winter festivities and grandmother’s cakes is one of the best tricks to lose weight. In addition to being a worthy appetite suppressant, it boosts the metabolism to promote fats’ elimination. So please don’t deprive yourself of drinking an infusion of it as soon as you wake up to start the day on the right foot. Then, consume it between meals or at the end of the day for more efficiency.

14) Prepare Boiled Garlic Milk

Garlic milk not only relieves sciatica but also aids digestion. Again, this fantastic blend will stimulate your metabolism for an effortless fat-burning effect. To do this, boil milk and add a crushed garlic clove. Then let it cool down and drink it right away!

15) Consume Egg Whites

The egg white is a recognized appetite suppressant. Low in calories, this lean food provides protein. It is moreover appreciated by sportsmen and women for whom it will help burn fat during the effort. It also contains amino acids to preserve the health of bones, cells, muscles, and the immune system. Its richness in vitamins, iron, and various trace elements are also its strength. For your health and your line, think about consuming it!

16) a Drink with Artichoke Cooking Water

With this drink, you are the exact opposite of glamorous cocktails on the beach. The artichoke water makes little dream indeed, but it has the merit not to make it fatten! It even has digestive, diuretic, and slimming properties. This vegetable is undoubtedly one of the least caloric vegetables (around 47 kcal per 100 g). The leaves and stems contain cynarin, an antioxidant that helps drain the liver. This component also helps to promote the elimination of fats and the reduction of blood sugar levels.

17) Consume More Green Tea

It is often mentioned as part of slimming diets, and not for nothing! Studies have shown that green tea can burn as many as 80 calories per day. This digestive beverage also has a draining effect on the liver and allows the transformation of stored fats into energy. To your cups!

18) Drink a Lot of Water and Drink Better

Mineral water alone or in the form of unsweetened herbal teas, infusions, or ice tea is crucial for better elimination. Also, only drinking a large glass of water before a meal will help calm the appetite and make you feel full more quickly. If possible, drink hot water instead of cold water to help the body release toxins and promote a feeling of fullness.

19) Discover the Benefits of Flax Seeds

Whether as part of a weight-loss diet or not, flaxseed is a useful addition to any balanced diet. They contain a high amount of fiber and omega-3s that are as good for your health as they are for feeling full. This fat burner also helps stop constipation and improve digestion. Our tips: as any grandmother would advise, consume two tablespoons daily to lose weight. Sprinkled on a salad or in your smoothies, they are easy to put on the menu!

20) Make Cold Potato Salads

The potato has a bad press, especially because the hot potato turns starch into fat. However, cold potatoes are not affected by this phenomenon, and their starch remains satiating without weighing on the hips! Take the opportunity to discover delicious light recipes for cold potato salads.

21) Caraway Tea: A Must-Have!

Its digestive properties soothe the aerophagia that causes your flatulence and bloated belly. This is why this spice is very precious to obtain a flat stomach. To use it well and lose weight, grandmother advises you to take cumin infusion after the meal (in combination with the other tips, of course).

22) Invite Agar-Agar in Your Recipes

This seaweed in powder form is a well-known gelling agent in pastry making. It is also and above all a substance that will swell in the stomach. In addition to promoting satiety, its gelatinous film will then capture fat and stored sugars. So think about adding it to your homemade cakes and savory dishes: soups, juices in vegetable frying pans, etc. You can also use the konjac, which works on the same model. It can be found in the form of pasta, flours, etc.

23) Drink Hibiscus Tea

The hibiscus is part of the delicate Malvaceae family. Offering to water a bright red tint and a pleasant acidulous taste, this flower is above all an asset for digestion and intestinal comfort. It is also commonly used in case of colitis problems. Its depurative virtues help purify the kidneys by boosting the renal system and eliminating the excesses of water that make you swell. Drink one cup at each meal to benefit from its effects.

24) Ginger Tea, the Last but Not Least Infusion on This List.

Ginger is known to soothe nausea, but its properties don’t stop there. It also calms the feeling of hunger and brings energy. For a quick weight loss, don’t forget the famous ginger tea!

25) the Coffee Grounds Scrub

Of all the tricks grandmother used to lose weight, this one is not necessarily one of the most direct. It does not directly influence your weight curve! However, the coffee grounds scrub has the advantage of helping to shape your silhouette to accompany your weight loss. Indeed, it will help smooth and tone the skin to drive out the dimpled skin associated with cellulite. Mix four tablespoons of coffee grounds and three teaspoons of olive oil and rub the areas to be treated from bottom to top, i.e., thighs, buttocks, hips, and stomach.

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